Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Design Idea

At the request of one of my wonderful customers, I have been playing with the design of an oak leaf hair fork made of lignum vitae. I am still trying out different angles of the leaf, as well as trying to get the wood to oxidize and give me a proper green color. The latter is proving to be most annoying. ;) But nevertheless, here is my first oak leaf prototype:

This is a fresh rough cut, so no time for oxidation. I am also trying to decide whether to adjust the angle of the leaf, making it slightly (though not fully) more horizontal.

This style will be showing up in my shop soon after all my custom orders are completed, so stay tuned! :)


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  2. What I meant to say is that I do not know you but your Oak Leaf and Ginko Leaves look suspiciously like 's work. I realize that nobody actually owns leaves, but the forks you're making are so much like her forks that they infringe on Intellectual Property Laws. How can you call this a New Design Idea when the designs are not your own at all, but someone else's who's been doing this a lot longer than you have.